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Floussy Card makes your life easier!

Enjoy all the benefits of a bank card with no commitment or management fees. A real electronic wallet, the Floussy card offers you free and secure management of your money.


Long live freedom with Floussy!

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of a bank card with no commitment or management fees?

A real electronic wallet, the Floussy Card offers you free and fully-secure management of your money.

Not backed by a bank account, the Floussy Card is a prepaid card, immediately operational and quickly reloadable at all Wafacash branches.

  • Meant for whom?

    Floussy is intended for everyone, including those who use the formal banking system as well as those who do not.

  • What services are available?

    You can use Floussy when completing the following transactions:

    1. Cash withdrawals from all Wafacash, Attijariwafa Bank and partner ATMs.
    2. Paying for your purchases at all retail outlets.
    3. Fully-secure online payments up to the balance available on your Floussy card.
    4. Payment of your telephone, water and electricity bills at ATMs.
  • What about management?

    Floussy helps you to better manage your money as you can:

    • Check your card balance
    •  Obtain a statement of the last 10 transactions made with your Card
  • What are the advantages?

    Three good reasons to choose the Floussy Card!


    Floussy is a non-transferable card ideal for saving and managing your budget.


    It allows you to receive transfers and top-ups at any Wafacash branch throughout the Kingdom.


    The Floussy card has a PIN that is required for each withdrawal and payment transaction.

  • What are the prices?

    1. Make a report of loss or theft to the competent authorities (National Security, Royal Gendarmerie, police station).
    2. Submit your declaration of loss or theft to the Wafacash branch from which you purchased your Floussy Card to confirm your report of loss or theft.
    3. To recover your money, all you have to do is present your declaration of loss and your identity document to cancel your compromised card. You can then buy another Floussy Card at any time.
    4. The remaining balance on your lost or stolen card can be reloaded onto a new Floussy Card after deducting the cost of a new enrolment or, if you prefer, you can have your money in cash.


    As your PIN is personal and confidential, it must under no circumstances be disclosed to anyone.

    Keep your card number and expiry date in a safe place. This information is essential to cancel your card and will be requested in the event of a call to the cancellation centre.

  • How do I obtain a Floussy Card?

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