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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Money Transfer: Cash Express

Wafacash offres you the Cash Express service. It is simple, fast, and secure:

 Visit your nearest Wafacash or Attijariwafa Bank branch.

 Provide the following information:

      A valid piece of identification.

      The beneficiary's first and last name (as indicated on their ID card).

      Your first and last name (as indicated on your ID card).

      The destination city.

      The amount you wish to send.

      Transaction fees.

  Give the agent the funds you want to send and pay the transaction fee.

  Verify that the receipt containing the unique money transfer number (Transfer No.) has been given to you and forward it to the beneficiary. For security reasons, the beneficiary must use this number to withdraw the funds.


Wafacash offers you the SMS option to notify you when your money transfer can be collected:

  • Once the transfer has been sent, at the issuer's request, Wafacash will inform you by sending you an SMS to inform you that your money transfer can be picked up.
  • The issuer can also send you the transfer code so that you can withdraw your money at any time and at any Wafacash or Attijariwafa Bank branch in Morocco.

Once the beneficiary has collected their money, if you have opted for the SMS option, you will receive a notification of the receipt of the transfer.

A valid identity document may be a national identity card, a passport or a residence permit.

Visit the nearest branch to cancel your transfer, which can be done at any Wafacash branch:

  • If the cancellation is processed on the same day at the issuing branch, you will be refunded the full amount (no fee deduction)
  • If the cancellation is made at a different branch or on a different date from the date of issue, you will be charged the transfer fee and refunded the amount.

The current regulations allow you to send up to MAD 80,000.

You must visit the nearest Wafacash branch within 45 days.

Money transfer: International Partners

  Beneficiaries must visit their nearest Wafacash branch to withdraw their money.

   They must show their valid ID and transfer number.

  After their identity has been verified, they can safely withdraw their money.

All money transfers are available in Moroccan dirhams.

Wafacash's mission is to release the entire transfer to your beneficiary immediately and safely.

No, the fees are paid on issue by the person who sent you the money.

You must provide the transfer code given to you by the person who sent you the money and present valid identification.

Unfortunately this will not be possible because the maximum amount you can receive is MAD 80,000 (a little more than €7,300 ). Your family will have to check with the Western Union branch in France for the maximum amount to send.

Given the current foreign exchange regulations in Morocco, Wafacash is only authorized to distribute transfers received from abroad.

No, beneficiaries cannot cancel a transfer.

To withdraw your transfer, you must absolutely present your national identity card or passport, and if you are a foreigner, you can present your residence permit or passport.

Hissab Bikhir

The minimum amount to open a Hissab Bikhir account is MAD 100

Opening an account is free.

Yes, you will indeed have to pay a monthly account maintenance fee:

  • if you choose to have it automatically withdrawn, it will be: MAD 6.50 including all taxes
  •  But if you choose to pay it in cash monthly at the branch, it will cost you MAD 9.80 including all taxes.

A third party can make a payment to your Hissab Bikhir account on your behalf.

Yes, you can actually make a direct payroll deposit into your account at any time.

No, a Hissab Bikhir account cannot be in overdraft.


This is not possible as all customers must absolutely present their national identity card and their supporting documentation to perform a transaction on the account.

Go to the nearest branch and ask for your bank book to be replaced. This will cost you MAD 20 excluding taxes. You will be given a new bank book on the spot.

In order to ensure continuous improvement of the services associated with the Hissab Bikhir account, we offer you an assistance service in the event of an INJAD BIKHIR death in Morocco.

This service is provided by our partner WAFA IMA, which provides valuable support for your family and allows them to benefit from:

- Transport of the remains from the place of death to the burial place;

- Handling of administrative formalities related to the transport of the body;

- The deposit of up to MAD 3,000 into your account within 48 hours to assist with funeral expenses.

The family of the Hissab Bikhir account holder must inform Wafa IMA Assistance by dialling 0522 589 489, open 24/7 so that it can initiate the opening of a file and initiate the procedure to respond to the deceased's family's request within the coverage limits provided in this contract. 

Hissab Bikhir Card

As its name suggests, it is a card attached to the Hisseb Bikhir account.

The Hissab Bikhir card is valid for 2 ans and is automatically renewed.

The card costs MAD 50.00 excluding taxes payable by debit from the account in two instalments:

  1. First year: MAD 25 excluding taxes on the date of enrolment
  2. Second year: MAD 25 excluding taxes on the date the following year

You must immediately inform Wafacash that your card has either been lost or stolen.
If your branch is closed, you can call the cancellation centre at 0522239191, open 24/7.
You must report the loss or theft to the public authorities (police station).
Submit your declaration of loss or theft to your Wafacash branch to confirm the cancellation and request a replacement of your Hissab Bikhir Card.

The Best Practices:

• As your PIN is personal and confidential, it must under no circumstances be disclosed to anyone,

• Keep your card number and expiry date in a safe place. This information is essential to cancel your card and will be requested in the event of a call to the cancellation centre.

The card allows you to pay up to a daily limit of MAD 1,000.


The Hissab Bikhir card allows you to pay for purchases from all merchants with an electronic payment terminal and online payments up to the balance available on your account.

The Hissab Bikhir Card allows you to make withdrawals, up to the balance available on your account with a daily limit of MAD 500.

Floussy Card

No, the Floussy Card is a reloadable prepaid card that is not backed by a bank account.

The Floussy card has an upper limit of 6000 Dh.

All you have to do is go to the nearest Wafacash branch to top up your card with the desired amount.

Each reload costs you MAD 10 including taxes whatever the amount of the reload, up to the maximum of MAD 60,000.

The daily Floussy Card withdrawal limit is MAD 6,000.

You can make all your purchases online with your Floussy Card.

The Floussy Card allows you to make cash withdrawals up to the balance of the card at all Wafacash, Attijariwafa Bank and partner ATMs.

The Floussy card has a PIN that is required for each withdrawal and payment transaction.

Make a report of loss or theft to the competent authorities (National Security, Royal Gendarmerie, police station).
Submit your report of loss or theft to the Wafacash branch from which you purchased your Floussy Card to confirm your report of loss or theft.
To recover your money, all you have to do is present your declaration of loss and your identity document to cancel your compromised card. You can then buy another Floussy Card at any time.
The remaining balance on your lost or stolen card can be reloaded onto a new Floussy Card after deducting the cost of a new enrolment or, if you prefer, you can have your money in cash.
The Best Practices:

  • As your PIN is personal and confidential, it must under no circumstances be disclosed to anyone

All you have to do is refer to your contract or your reload slip with the validity date for online purchases

Go to any Wafacash or Attijariwafa bank ATM to: 

  • Check your Floussy Card balance
  • Obtain a statement of the last 10 transactions made with your Card

Pay Cash

Pay Cash is a service that allows you to do transactions on the entire Wafacash network:

  • cash payments for ‘Deals’ ordered on merchant websites including ‘Superdeal’, ‘Hmizate’ and ‘Mydeal’. Your payment can be made at any Wafacash branch by indicating only the name of the service provider and the Order Number.
  •  unpaid payments or prepayment in cash if you are a Wafasalaf customer
  •  electronic top-ups for telephone and internet, INWI and BAYN operators.

Visit your local Wafacash branch with your national identity card number and simply specify the unpaid instalments you want to pay.

Yes, you may partially pay several instalments.

When you pay your outstanding balance, you will receive a payment receipt confirming that you are up to date with the amounts paid.

Your order number is required to pay in cash.

From now on, you can top up your telephone and internet in all our Wafacash branches in Morocco, which will be immediately available for use.

The available reloadable amounts in the Wafacash branches are: MAD\ 20 - 50 - 100 - 200 and 300.


No, Wafacash does not offer real estate loans. Salafcash is a consumer credit service that can be used to finance any other project or expense, such as the purchase of equipment and cars and travel and wedding financing.


Wafacash offers you financing amounts ranging from MAD 5,000 to MAD 150,000 and more, depending on your situation.

You have up to 7 years to repay your loan.

Wafacash is committed to replying to you as soon as possible after your complete file has been sent to Wafasalaf.

Once Wafasalaf approves your loan, it will be given to you in cash.

Wafacash makes your life easier, and allows you to take out a Salafcash loan from a net salary of MAD 2,000.

To take advantage of the Salafcash loan, visit the nearest Wafacash branch, with the following documents:
Common documents:

  • Copy of a valid national identity card
  •  Proof of residence (water, electricity or telephone bill, certificate of residence)
  • A void cheque or bank details certificate
  • Complete your file according to your profile, if you are:

A government official:

  • A void cheque or bank details
  • Your last stamped bank statement
  • A 6-month salary certificate valid for 6 months for cause: Loan request for military officials

Private employee:

  •  A void cheque
  • Your last two bank statements
  • Your last two pay slips
  •  The address of the financial institution where your salary is deposited
  • An employment letter

CMR retirees:

  • A void cheque or bank details
  • Your last bank statement
  • Your pension statement

Local communities:

  • Your last bank statement
  • Your last pay slip or statement of commitment of 1 month, with the date of hiring, stamped by the tax collector
  • Your employment letter

Non-CMR Retirees:

  • A void cheque or bank details
  • Your last two bank statements
  • Your recent pension statement


  • A copy of the commercial register (model J) or professional card
  • A notice of assessment
  • Your last three bank statements


Wafacash advises you not to carry out transactions for the benefit of people you do not know.
If you use Wafacash's services to pay for a purchase, service or in response to an offer, make sure that your beneficiaries are reliable. Wafacash does not guarantee their reliability and cannot be held liable in the event of their failure.

We advise you to inform the Wafacash customer service if you believe you have been a victim of fraud when carrying out a transaction
You can request that the transaction be cancelled if it is a transfer via Cash Express. If it has not been distributed, Wafacash will be able to return the funds to you.

Foreign exchange

Wafacash offers you the in-branch foreign exchange service. Please contact our Customer Service Centre at 0522 43 5 050 to find out the nearest branch that offers this service.

Indeed, the documents to be shown are your passport and national identity card

No ID is required to change your foreign currency into local currency, unless the amount to be changed into dirhams is more than MAD 50,000.