Cash at your fingertips!

When you use Wafacash, you enjoycan various cash services: loan approval to easily finance your projects, or paying for your deals, instalments or telephone top-ups with cash.

Pay Cash

Simplify your life by paying with cash!

You can now make payments at Wafacash branches for:

Your orders on the 'deals' e-commerce sites.

Your unpaid instalments.

Reloading your phone.

Other cash purchases.


Consumer credit that gives you a boost!

In partnership with Wafasalaf, Wafacash makes your life easier with SalafCash consumer credit through its personal Express and Cash loan formula. Don't hesitate any longer!

  • What are the advantages?

    The freedom to use your money as you wish, without having to justify your need for financing. Wafacash offers you financing amounts ranging from MAD 5,000 to MAD 150,000 and more, depending on your situation. La souplesse de remboursement, avec des durées atteignant 84 mois.


    • You can apply for your loan at more than 1,800 Wafacash branches that are ready to assist you.


    Wafacash guarantees that your loan will be released as soon as possible after your application has been accepted by Wafasalaf.

  • What documents do you need to provide?

    To take advantage of the Salafcash loan, visit the nearest Wafacash branch, with the following documents:

    • Copy of a valid national identity card
    • Proof of residence (water, electricity or telephone bill, certificate of residence)
    • A void cheque or bank details certificate

    Complete your file according to your profile, if you are:

    A government official:

    • A void cheque or bank details
    • Your last stamped bank statement
    • A 6-month salary certificate valid for 6 months for cause: Loan request for military officials

    Private employee:

    • A void cheque
    • Your last two bank statements
    • Your last two pay slips
    •  The address of the financial institution where your salary is deposited
    • An employment letter

    CMR retirees:

    • A void cheque or bank details
    •  Your last bank statement
    •  Your pension statement

    Local communities:

    • Your last bank statement
    • Your last pay slip or statement of commitment of 1 month with the date of hiring and stamped by the tax collector
    • Your employment letter

    NonCMR retirees:

    • A void cheque or bank details
    •  Your last two bank statements
    • Your recent pension statement


    •  A copy of the commercial register (model J) or professional card
    • A notice of assessment
    • Your last three bank statements
  • How do you apply for a SalafCash loan ?

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